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Kepler Search Salary Benchmarking Services

Build A Winning Compensation Strategy with a Custom Salary Report

Know exactly what to pay (and benefits to offer) to win top talent

Stop Guessing About Pay: Build Your Customised 2024 Salary Guide

Attract and retain top talent with insights on compensation and benefits data specific to your sector, and to the roles relevant to your organisation. Discover how your business’ offerings compare to industry salary benchmarks and gain a deeper understanding of your position in the market. 

Kepler Search offers Custom Salary Reports designed to empower employers with data to make better-informed decisions about your compensation packages and value proposition to current and prospective employees.


Make data-driven pay decisions.

Our Custom Salary Benchmarking Solution goes beyond generic reports from mass recruiters, empowering you to retain top talent with precision and confidence. Get insights specific to your industry, your location, your roles.


Benefits of Salary Benchmarking

Reduce Talent Acquisition Costs.png

Reduce Talent Acquisition Costs

Attract the right people the first time by offering competitive salaries, boosting candidate confidence and elevating employer branding.

Stay Ahead of the Curve.png

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Benchmark your compensation packages against industry leader to remain competitive and attract the best talent in a dynamic job market.

Empower Your HR Team.png

Empower Your HR Team

Equip HR with precise data to negotiate effectively with new hires and existing employees to ensure fair offers and avoid costly compensation mistakes.

Attract Top Talent.png

Attract Top Talent

Go beyond generic data. Target the best candidates in your industry with salaries that reflect their worth, reducing time-to-fill and building a strong team.

Retain Top Performers.png

Retain Top Performers

Fair compensation fosters employee satisfaction and loyalty. Minimise turnover costs and keep your top talent motivated with packages that reflect their value.

Plan for the Future.png

Plan for the Future

Forecast future compensation needs with confidence. Plan for workforce expansion in new markets or departments with accurate data.

Functional Coverage

Why Choose Kepler Search?

Our commitment to accuracy and quality with access to real data and market insights makes us the trusted choice for understanding current employee compensation trends.

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While others claim to be bespoke, our reports truly stand out with unique insights that align with your needs – well beyond standardised templates.

Real Depth

Our analysis offers industry-specific salary insights, ensuring up-to-date, accurate and relevant data for your niche market.

Industry Relevance

Focus on Confidentiality

We promise utmost discretion when conducting our research, and present you with aggregate data to safeguard your interests.


We don’t just present you with fancy charts. We pride ourselves in providing actionable suggestions and quick wins for immediate impact.


What's Inside Your Report?

Salary Compensation Report - What's Inside.jpg
Untitled design.gif
  • Total Rewards: Develop a comprehensive understanding of both salary and non-salary benefits to enhance your total rewards strategy.

  • Salary Range: Stay competitive by uncovering the salary range for your industry and location.

  • Compensation & Benefits Comparison: Benchmark your compensation packages against industry leaders for recruitment and retention success.

  • Pay Consulting: Leverage expert insights to fine-tune your talent attraction and retention strategy to maintain a competitive edge.

  • Do I really need to offer my departing employees Outplacement?
    Outplacement services are not legally required, but demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being and can protect your employer brand.
  • How does Outplacement work?
    Outplacement services can be delivered through in-person sessions, online platforms, or a hybrid of both. The duration of outplacement services may differ by service provider, but typically lasts 6 to 18 months.
  • Is Outplacement right for my company?
    Outplacement is most suitable for employers who have plans for workforce restructuring, downsizing, redundancies, relocations, mergers, or buyouts. While it comes at an additional cost, offering outplacement assistance benefits employers by enhancing their company's reputation and reducing risks associated with terminations.
  • What does Outplacement exclude?
    Outplacement services do not assist your employees with job introductions or promise job placements. Instead, they equip individuals with the resources and assistance needed to independently and effectively navigate their own job search, based on the expertise of experienced recruitment professionals.
  • Can’t I do Outplacement in-house?
    You definitely can! However, many companies prefer to outsource their outplacement initiatives to third-party providers for their expertise, scalability, and streamlined process, allowing the company to focus on its core operations and ensuring a smoother transition. Managing outplacement services internally can be resource-intensive and complex, and may divert internal resources from organizational objectives due to the emotional challenges and stress involved for departing employees and the company itself.
  • Why choose Kepler Search for Outplacement Services?
    We offer: Dedicated Support: Our low candidate-to-coach ratio means three times more coaching time, offering tailored advice, motivation, and tools to pursue new career opportunities. Industry-Specific Expertise: We excel in providing support to jobseekers and employers in specialized fields, including: Commodities, Energy, Agribusiness, Private Equity & Investments, Data Centers, and related industries. Flexible Plans: We offer different outplacement service types to accommodate the diverse needs and budgets of employers, whether you require a comprehensive program or a targeted coaching package. By choosing Kepler Search, you invest in a seamless transition for your employees and gain access to our expertise in maximizing their career potential.
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