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6 Major Challenges in International Hiring for a Global Workforce

6 Major Challenges in International Hiring for a Global Workforce

In the quest to build a robust global workforce, we've gathered six insights from top business leaders, including founders and COOs, to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities of international hiring. From embracing remote workforce diversity to simplifying payroll with global services, this article unpacks the many reasons why you should expand your team globally, despite hurdles.

  • Embrace Remote Workforce Diversity

  • Model and Incentivize Team Collaboration

  • Foster Inclusivity with Cross-Cultural Training

  • Invest in Cultural Intelligence Training

  • Understand Local Contexts for Global Hiring

  • Simplify Payroll with Global Services

Embrace Remote Workforce Diversity

The rise of remote working has enhanced our ability to hire people from international locations. Doing so represents a significant opportunity across a range of areas, including skills acquisition, diversity, time zone coverage, language capabilities and, in some cases, costs. 

However, the challenge of managing across cultures and locations should not be underestimated. Colleagues from different countries often have different working practices that may be alien to the manager. English may not be their first language and that can cause not only issues of clarity and understanding but also managers making incorrect judgements about capability and intelligence.

There can also be misaligned time zones that makes organizing team meetings very challenging. And misaligned employee benefits can create tension.

None of these are insurmountable, and in my view, the benefits outweigh the negatives, but you need to be prepared and support your managers with training.

Paul Blunden - Featured

Paul Blunden, Founder and CEO, UX247 Ltd

Model and Incentivize Team Collaboration

Having a racially diverse team can mean that cultural differences will get in the way of communication. A "true" team effort is not impossible but is definitely more challenging to achieve.

The best solution is for company leaders and managers to set an example for everyone to model. Collaboration should be actively encouraged and could even be incentivized.

Derek Capo - Featured

Foster Inclusivity with Cross-Cultural Training

Expanding our team globally has been an incredible journey, and one challenge that popped up in international hiring was definitely the diversity in cultural norms and work styles. Different countries have unique ways of doing business, and it can be a bit tricky to find the right balance that aligns with our company culture.

To tackle this challenge, my advice is to embrace diversity and foster an inclusive environment. It's essential to create a workplace culture that respects and celebrates differences. Implementing cross-cultural training programs can also be a game-changer. This not only helps team members understand each other better but also promotes collaboration and innovation. A melting pot of perspectives can be a goldmine for fresh ideas and approaches.

Samantha Odo - Featured

Samantha Odo, Real Estate Sales Representative and Montreal Division Manager, Precondo

Invest in Cultural Intelligence Training

Navigating cultural differences stands as a pivotal challenge and opportunity in building a global workforce. It's akin to orchestrating a symphony with musicians from around the world, each bringing their unique cultural rhythms and harmonies. The diversity of thought, perspective, and experience this brings can be a wellspring of innovation and creativity, propelling your organization to new heights. 

To master this, invest in developing cultural intelligence across your team. Embrace training that fosters understanding and appreciation of these differences. Create an environment that encourages open communication and inclusivity, where every unique cultural note is valued. This way, you transform potential discord into a harmonious and dynamic global team, resonating with the rich melodies of diverse perspectives and ideas.

Alex Stasiak - Featured

Alex Stasiak, CEO and Founder, Startup House

Understand Local Contexts for Global Hiring

When building a global workforce, a significant challenge is navigating the diverse cultural and legal landscapes of different countries. This complexity can manifest in varying employment laws, cultural norms, and communication styles, which can impact hiring practices and workplace integration. 

To tackle this challenge, it's advisable to develop a deep understanding of the local contexts in which you are hiring. This can involve consulting with local experts or legal advisors to ensure compliance with employment laws and understanding cultural nuances. 

Additionally, fostering a culturally inclusive work environment and providing cross-cultural training can greatly aid in integrating a diverse global team. Leveraging this opportunity can lead to a more dynamic, innovative, and adaptable workforce, as diverse perspectives and skills are brought together.

Rick Young - Featured

Simplify Payroll with Global Services

One challenge of building a global workforce is the cost and complexity of international payroll. There are several regional and national regulations that govern how payroll is handled, as well as currency exchange rates, taxes, and other factors that can complicate the process. 

One way to tackle this challenge is to use a global payroll service. These services are designed to handle all aspects of international payroll, including currency conversion, tax withholding, and compliance with regional and national regulations. They can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that are expanding internationally and need to manage payroll for employees in multiple countries.

Matthew Ramirez - Featured

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