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5 Key Resources for Staying Informed on Executive Leadership Trends & Their Value

5 Key Resources for Staying Informed on Executive Leadership Trends & Their Value

In the fast-paced world of executive leadership, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. We've gathered insights from CEOs and managers on the key resources they count on to keep abreast of emerging trends. From leveraging diverse learning platforms to following influencers and industry publications, discover the five indispensable tools these leaders use to stay informed.

Leverage Diverse Learning Platforms

As a leader in our rapidly evolving industry, I rely on a multifaceted approach to stay informed about emerging trends in executive leadership.


I regularly turn to reputable publications like Harvard Business Review for insightful articles. LinkedIn also serves as a key social platform for me to connect with thought leaders, and lastly, TED Talks provide quick yet impactful insights from the experts.


Utilize Books, Podcasts, and Social Media

In my leadership role within the fast-evolving executive coaching and development sphere, staying informed on current trends is essential. Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a fundamental resource I rely on for its cutting-edge insights in leadership and management. 

Additionally, I gain valuable knowledge from leadership events like “The Hero's Journey” by Darren Hardy and “The 4-Day MBA” by Keith Cunningham. Equally important are books offering profound leadership insights.

Also, following thought leaders like Simon Sinek (@SimonSinek) and Brené Brown (@BreneBrown) on social media is beneficial. Another vital source of education and thought leadership is the “Deliberate Leaders Podcast,” which provides a platform for discussing innovative ideas and challenges in leadership today. These combined resources are instrumental in keeping me updated on executive leadership advancements.

Allison Dunn

Allison Dunn, CEO, Head Business and Executive Coach, Deliberate Directions

Harness the Power of Your Network

My secret to staying ahead is not some fancy report or million-dollar consultant; it's my community. I'm talking about my network, but not just any network. It's a carefully chosen group of veterans who have seen it all, rising stars with a passion for success, and mavericks from other fields who think outside the box. We chat, we argue, we brainstorm—and the sparks fly.

They don't sugarcoat and give me the unfiltered intel. By the time everyone knows about it, I've already planned my next move.

My network is valuable because, apart from giving me information, they pick me up when I stumble and celebrate victories.

So, to everyone out there chasing the horizon, forget about fancy reports and embrace the power of your network. Let them keep you howling at the moon. It's how you stay ahead of the curve and lead your company to the promised land.

Fahad Khan, Digital Marketing Manager, Ubuy India

Stay Updated with Newsletters and Conferences

For marketing, we always have a monthly search-engine-news newsletter that keeps us informed about Google and Google updates, as well as other marketing trends that we may need more information on. We also go to conferences once a year to help us learn more about certain topics, whether it is SEO or email marketing. We have been to MozCon in Seattle, Washington, and we went to MailCon that was in Vegas. 

Overall, reading newsletters and going to conferences helps us to be informed about new trends or learn more information about certain trends in marketing.


Madison T, Ecommerce Manager, My Supplement Store

Follow Influencers and Industry Publications

My business requires me to keep on top of GenAI and MarTech. Besides following publications from large organizations like McKinsey and BCG, I also follow and track influencers like Steve Nouri and Andrew Ng. YouTube channels such as AI Explained provide the latest news on AI. I also speak to people in my network who can share their thoughts. 

All of these provide me with different perspectives. But the important thing is to filter what is relevant for my business and how to convert it into an opportunity or a solution to a problem that my industry might be facing. 


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