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3 Tips for Recruiters to Enhance the Candidate Experience - Part 1

3 Tips for Recruiters to Enhance the Candidate Experience

In the competitive world of talent acquisition, creating an exceptional candidate experience has become paramount for organizations seeking to attract top talent and build a strong employer brand. Here are some strategies I've used to improve the candidate experience:

1. Prioritise Personalised Interactions

Over the last few years, one of the essential strategies I've used in the recruitment process is to start with personalised interactions.

Moving beyond traditional phone calls, I actively engage candidates through video calls or in-person meetings. This approach not only puts a face to the name but also forges deeper and more meaningful connections.

By taking the time to connect on a personal level, candidates feel valued, and it allows for a deeper understanding of their potential fit within the organisation.

2. Transparent Communication and Regular Updates

To solidify the personalised experience, transparent communication is essential. Throughout the hiring process, I ensure candidates are kept well-informed about their application status and the next steps.

I keep in constant contact with candidates, even when there are no significant updates to be shared, providing clarity and fostering a sense of respect and inclusion.

This commitment to keeping candidates in the loop creates a positive experience, regardless of the final outcome, and helps build trust with potential future employees.

3. Empower Candidates with Interview Guidance

A critical aspect of improving the candidate experience is empowering candidates with tailored interview advice. I take the initiative to offer insights on highlighting their achievements and skills during interviews with hiring managers.

Candidates are more likely to approach interviews with confidence as they are better equipped to showcase their qualifications effectively.

By providing this support, my colleagues at Kepler Search and I demonstrate our commitment to our candidates' success as we hope to contribute to a more positive and impactful candidate experience.


Elevating the candidate experience is crucial for attracting top talent and fostering a strong employer brand. Prioritising personalised interactions, transparent communication, and interview guidance are three effective strategies that can significantly impact the candidate journey.

By embracing these approaches, recruiters can create a more engaging and positive candidate experience, leading to long-term benefits for both candidates and the organisation.

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Nicola Clarke works with leading employers in the Commodities space at Kepler Search as a Executive Recruitment Consultant.

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