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Senior Crude Operations Specialist in Energy

Our energy industry client faced a year-long challenge in finding a Senior Crude Operations Specialist.

Client Background:

Our client, a major player in the energy industry, faced a daunting challenge when their search for a Senior Crude Operations Specialist proved elusive for over a year. The client had already experienced a failed hire, making it crucial to find a suitable candidate as quickly as possible. The role was known to be demanding, with a high-intensity workload. The client was determined not to compromise on their requirements and sought an exceptionally qualified senior candidate who could effectively navigate the difficulties of the job.


  1. High Hopes: The initial hire for the role left the position within a short period of time – making it imperative to find the right fit to reduce turnover to enhance team stability.

  2. Rigorous Requirements: The client insisted on finding a candidate who met their exacting criteria with many being unable to move past the first interview stage, further narrowing the pool of potential hires.

  3. Market Awareness: The challenging nature of the role was widely known in the market, with the small market being combed thoroughly for over a year for potential candidates, making it even more difficult to attract industry experts to the position.

Our Approach:

Despite the hurdles, our team remained resilient and determined to find the perfect fit:

  1. Thorough Market Search: We continued to explore the market, offering opportunities to candidates even though the role had been open for a prolonged period.

  2. Hidden Gem: We unearthed a prospective candidate who had been off the grid for years. The candidate had over a decade of direct experience, and had not been actively seeking new opportunities throughout that time. The candidate had not maintained an online presence.

  3. Perfect Timing: We approached this elusive candidate at just the right moment when she was open to considering new opportunities. Our timing and approach were key to engaging her in discussions.

  4. Client Satisfaction: The candidate's extensive background and experience aligned perfectly with the client's stringent requirements, leading to a very successful hire who quickly became an asset to the team.


Despite multiple challenges and past unsuccessful attempts, we triumphed in finding the ideal talent for the client. We demonstrated that with the right approach, dedication, and a vast network, we can identify hidden gems within the talent pool. Our consultant's persistent determination and aptitude for identifying promising but often overlooked candidates, thanks to his extensive industry connections, were pivotal in securing the ideal candidate for our client's crucial role. This case study highlights our ability to overcome obstacles even in the face of adversity and deliver exceptional results.

Senior Crude Operations Specialist in Energy Sector - Executive Search Recruitment Case Study

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