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Partnering for Success in APAC Data Center Growth

A data center firm sought to lead the APAC market through strategic acquisitions but needed to rapidly hire an experienced workforce

Client Background: 

A leading data center (DC) company sought to establish a dominant presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Through strategic acquisitions, they aimed to build a robust network. However, this ambitious growth plan demanded a skilled and experienced workforce – fast. 

Initial Collaboration and Recognizing the Gap 

Our firm was already familiar with the business, having successfully placed 2 VP roles in the start-up team. Recognizing the urgency of their hiring needs, we delved deeper during conversations with the newly appointed Head of APAC. Their plans to hire an additional 10 individuals, including a crucial HR/Recruitment team, raised concerns. 

Our Solution: A Collaborative Approach 

We recognized that relying solely on an inexperienced HR team could create delays and hinder their ambitious expansion plans. We proposed a unique, collaborative solution – integrating our seasoned search specialists with their internal team. This approach would leverage our: 

  • Industry Expertise: Deep understanding of the data center landscape in APAC 

  • Extensive Network: Access to a vast pool of qualified candidates 

  • Refined Recruitment Strategies: Proven track record of attracting top talent 

The Results: 

Working closely with the client's HR manager, we seamlessly embedded ourselves within their team. Through meticulous forecasting, we demonstrated the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of our approach. Within a mere six months, this collaborative effort yielded exceptional results: 

  • 11 Key Appointments Across APAC: Filled critical positions across Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. 

  • Building the Management Team: Recruited Regional Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents spanning construction, design, finance, engineering, and real estate. 

  • Empowering Internal Talent: Facilitated a smooth handover process, providing comprehensive research data and guidance to accelerate their internal team's learning curve. 

Beyond Recruitment: Employer Branding and Compensation Strategies 

Our contribution went beyond traditional recruitment. We provided input on the client's employer branding and positioning, particularly in talent-scarce emerging markets around Asia. Additionally, we tailored compensation strategies to attract top talent in competitive markets like Singapore and Australia. 

Conclusion: A Foundation for Long-Term Success 

By integrating our expertise with their internal team, we didn't just meet immediate hiring needs – we laid the foundation for long-term success. This collaborative approach, coupled with strategic insights and tailored solutions, enabled the client to navigate the complexities of establishing a data center powerhouse in APAC.


APAC Data Center Growth

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