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Head of Country for a Data Center Business

A data center firm urgently sought a Head of Country to spearhead their expansion into the Japanese market.

Client Profile

A rapidly growing business with a strong presence in data centers sought a critical hire to establish their presence in Japan


With increasing demand from data center (DC) clients in Japan, our client sought to capitalize on new business opportunities in the market. However, they lacked the talent and cultural expertise to effectively enter the region. They required a critical hire – a Head of Country – who possessed a unique blend of skills, including:

  • A deep understanding of Japanese business practices and culture

  • International experience and global outlook

  • Language fluency in both Japanese and English

  • Expertise in the data center field

With every passing moment this role remained vacant, the client faced high opportunity costs. Competitors were actively pursuing the burgeoning Japanese DC market, potentially capturing the very business the client aimed to secure.

Previous Attempts

The client had unsuccessfully partnered with two other executive search firms prior to engaging us – both of which were costly endeavors. Attempts at mass emailing potential candidates also yielded poor results, highlighting the challenge of presenting the company in the right light and capturing the attention of top-tier talent.

Our Solution

  • Targeted Search: We employed a targeted approach with a strategic focus, leveraging our strong networks and understanding of the data center industry to identify a pool of highly qualified candidates and craft a compelling narrative that resonated with top talent.

  • Building Relationships: Our experienced consultant had longstanding, trust-based relationships with highly relevant candidates. This allowed for a deeper understanding of their career aspirations, which played a pivotal role in securing their interest.

  • Personalized Pitch: Our consultant's awareness of each candidate’s career aspirations, and our ability to align them with the client's growth path, set us apart from previous recruitment efforts. The eventual hire, initially unresponsive to the mass emails he had received, was captivated by the proposition we presented compared to previous search attempts – i.e., the opportunity to elevate his leadership role.


  • Rapid Turnaround: We identified and presented three strong candidates within one week.

  • Successful Placement: The client interviewed all three candidates and made an offer to the ideal candidate within four weeks of the search initiation.

  • Long-Term Partnership: Our successful placement resulted in an ongoing partnership with the client, supporting their subsequent hiring needs in the Japanese market.

Key Takeaways

  • Building strong relationships with candidates is essential for attracting top talent.

  • Deep industry knowledge allows for targeted searches that identify the best-fit candidates.

  • Understanding a candidate's career aspirations is crucial for successfully pitching opportunities.

  • A well-executed executive search can significantly accelerate market entry and propel business growth.

Japan Data Center Head of Country Recruitment Case Study

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