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Derivatives Trader at a Chinese Oil Firm

A privately-owned Chinese oil firm faced difficulties in expanding its derivatives trading desk.


  • Unclear Value Proposition: The company struggled to present the role effectively. With no physical volume trading, attracting traders who thrived on tangible assets posed a challenge.

  • Limited Candidate Pool: Traditional methods focused solely on experienced derivatives traders, missing out on potential talent with valuable skills.

  • Market Misconceptions: Candidates held negative perceptions about the work culture at Chinese firms, hindering their interest.


  • Understanding the Opportunity: We delved deeper than the job description to grasp the true essence of the role, providing a consultative opinion on the possibilities the client needed to expect based on the talent pool in Singapore, at the budget they desired. We learned it required a strategic trader, not just someone adept at physical volume hedging.

"Out of the box" Profiles: We looked beyond trader profiles. A senior analyst with 12 years of experience and strong market understanding emerged as a perfect fit. While this individual’s background lacked direct trading experience, their analytical prowess and network were invaluable assets to the role.
  • Compelling Narrative: We crafted a clear and accurate picture of the role, highlighting the opportunities for growth and the candidate's strengths that aligned perfectly with the company's needs. We addressed misconceptions about the firm’s working style and emphasized its competitive position within the market.


  • Successful Placement: We presented three suitable candidates, with one exceptional individual ultimately joining the team.

  • Immediate Impact: Within three months, our placed candidate achieved 100% of their target.

  • Long-Term Partnership: This successful placement led to continued exclusive collaboration with the client and assisting them in creating a strong team with deep industry knowledge.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the True Needs: Effective headhunting requires going beyond the surface level of a job description.

  • Creative Candidate Sourcing: Thinking outside the box and considering transferable skills can yield exceptional results.

  • Accurate Representation: A clear and well-presented opportunity is key to attracting top talent, especially when overcoming market biases.

This case study demonstrates the power of a strategic approach to a niche position. By truly understanding the candidate’s potential and how they could fit into the client’s needs, we facilitated a successful match that benefited both parties.

Senior Oil Operator at a European Oil Major Case Study Infographic

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