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CFO at a Trading Conglomerate

A leading trading company, thriving for over a decade, encountered a major challenge when their longstanding CFO departed.

Client Background:

A prominent trading company with over a decade of successful operations faced a significant challenge when their long-standing Chief Financial Officer (CFO) left the organization. The departure left a void that needed to be filled urgently to ensure the continued financial stability and growth of the company.

Kepler Search was referred to the client due to our track record in CxO placements.


  • Turnover: The company faced the challenge of finding a CFO who could provide stability after failed placements in rapid succession.

  • Stringent Requirements: The company sought a CFO who would be responsible for financial accounting, treasury, and risk management, making the search particularly challenging.

Our Approach:

When the company approached our firm, we recognized the complexity of the task at hand. We needed to go beyond the candidates already known to the client and identify hidden talents who met the requirements.

By combining our extensive professional network with expert knowledge of "who's who" in the commodity trading industry, we conducted a highly targeted search, ensuring a perfect fit for our client.


We presented a longlist of close to 50 individuals. Within 3 weeks of market mapping, our comprehensive approach led to a successful CFO placement. The selected candidate possessed the strategic mindset, leadership skills, industry experience, and a deep understanding of the unique risks involved in the trading business. This individual needed to possess a rare combination of skills, including industry knowledge, financial expertise, technical proficiency, and strategic thinking. They also had a proven track record in managing global remote teams and maintaining crucial relationships with onshore and offshore banks.

Concluding Thoughts:

This case illustrates our ability to meet the client's stringent requirements, rebuild their trust after previous failures, and secure a successful placement critical to the company's continued growth and stability. Our deep industry knowledge, extensive network, and commitment to finding the right candidate within budget constraints were key factors in our success.

Chief Financial Officer CFO Placement in a Trading Conglomerate Infographic - Executive Search Recruitment

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